Ffmpeg dependency problem

Good day. Have you ever seen one app asks for Ffmpeg6.0 and the other for Git6.1 and it’s the one or the other? On what kind of computer must i chose the one app or the other? Also to your member that said to me that your Mpv is derived from Aur, i did research and there isn’t a version without Vapoursynth support in Aur. Like they trying to sell you a car with a missing wheel!


If I sift through that …
You are asking why some packages have dependencies on certain versions of ffmpeg?
That depends on the package … and those packages will decide which ones you ‘should’ have installed.
I guess I will also mention there are at least 2 ffmpeg versions in the regular repos.

No - not in the official repo.

If any given package which depends on ffmpeg - you have two choices in the official repo - both providing ffmpeg

  • ffmpeg → 6.0
  • ffmpeg4.4 → 4.4.4

When you build a custom package - depending on ffmpeg - the current ffmpeg from official repo will be installed.

But you may have opted to build ffmpeg-git which then will replace the repo version or you may have opted to build a custom package which depends on ffmpeg-git.

In those cases the problem is local to your system - not Manjaro as distribution - and as such not a high risk problem.

The second is true. But do you also have apps that refuse to be with the Git version, how is that? Also can you support a full Mpv version from now on?

My sentiments exactly. Please help us help you.

Please see:

I have no idea what you mean?

As the local system administrator - you are responsible for any custom git versions installed on your system(s). Any compatibility issues is on your desk - not Manjaro.

The majority of packages - such as mpv - is imported from Arch repo - that is the way.

If you want to be closer to an upstream Arch system - you should switch to unstable.

Then can you point me to the Mpv Arch repo without Vapoursytnt support that you version is derived?

I don’t know what mpv support or not - but you can look it up yourself

First info on the packages in the repo

Please note the Packager: Robin Candau antiz@archlinux.org

 $ mbn info mpv -q
Branch         : archlinux
Name           : mpv
Version        : 1:0.36.0-1
Repository     : extra
Build Date     : Sun 23 Jul 2023 19:49:29 
Packager       : Robin Candau <antiz@archlinux.org>
Branch         : unstable
Name           : mpv
Version        : 1:0.36.0-1
Repository     : extra
Build Date     : Sun 23 Jul 2023 19:49:29 
Packager       : Robin Candau <antiz@archlinux.org>
Branch         : testing
Name           : mpv
Version        : 1:0.36.0-1
Repository     : extra
Build Date     : Sun 23 Jul 2023 19:49:29 
Packager       : Robin Candau <antiz@archlinux.org>
Branch         : stable
Name           : mpv
Version        : 1:0.35.1-6
Repository     : extra
Build Date     : Fri 21 Apr 2023 09:11:25 
Packager       : Robin Candau <antiz@archlinux.org>

Then the full info for mpv in Manjaro unstable repo.

 $ pamac info mpv
Name                  : mpv
Version               : 1:0.36.0-1
Description           : a free, open source, and cross-platform media
URL                   : https://mpv.io/
Licenses              : GPL3
Repository            : extra
Installed Size        : 6,3 MB
Groups                : --
Depends On            : alsa-lib libasound.so=2-64 desktop-file-utils
                        ffmpeg libavcodec.so=60-64
                        libavdevice.so=60-64 libavfilter.so=9-64
                        libavformat.so=60-64 libavutil.so=58-64
                        libswresample.so=4-64 libswscale.so=7-64
                        glibc hicolor-icon-theme jack libjack.so=0-64
                        lcms2 liblcms2.so=2-64 libarchive
                        libarchive.so=13-64 libass libass.so=9-64
                        libbluray libbluray.so=2-64 libcdio
                        libcdio-paranoia libdrm libdvdnav libdvdread
                        libegl libgl libglvnd libjpeg libjpeg.so=8-64
                        libplacebo libplacebo.so=264-64 libpulse
                        libpulse.so=0-64 libva libva.so=2-64
                        libva-drm.so=2-64 libva-wayland.so=2-64
                        libva-x11.so=2-64 libvdpau libx11 libxext
                        libxinerama libxkbcommon libxkbcommon.so=0-64
                        libxpresent libxrandr libxss libxv luajit
                        mesa mujs libpipewire rubberband
                        librubberband.so=2-64 shaderc
                        libshaderc_shared.so=1-64 uchardet
                        vulkan-icd-loader wayland zlib
Optional Dependencies : yt-dlp: for video-sharing websites playback
                        youtube-dl: for video-sharing websites playback
Provides              : libmpv.so=2-64
Replaces              : --
Conflicts With        : --
Packager              : Robin Candau <antiz@archlinux.org>
Build Date            : søn 23 jul 2023 19:49:29 CEST
Validated By          : MD5 Sum  SHA-256 Sum  Signature

Then at your leisure goto Arch Linux - Package Search (prefilled with query for mpv)

This archlinux site contains a list of all the 1733 packages that would require ffmpeg-git 6.1.r111232.g468615f204-1 as dependency. Be aware, it’s conflicting with ffmpeg.

SOLVED. For those who don’t want to risk epilepsy episodes (remember game consoles warning), i propose video play at 48fps or above using SVP or similar. To have it easy on Manjaro can be solved only with Mpv-Vapoursynth from Aur, all other Mpv will stuck with some dependency. Also i propose to Manjaro to have an Mpv with Vapoursynth and also to fix their dependency problem: When two packages are the same and conflict like Ffmpeg and Fffmpeg-git, apps shouldn’t have the right to understand the difference between them, except from version difference like 5 or 6.

You don’t appear to understand how dependencies work with pacman package manager (libalpm).

If an application depends on ffmpeg - pacman will check if a suitable package - providing ffmpeg - is already installed.

If this is the case - the installation will continue.

If it is not the case - pacman will list - in alfabetical order - packages providing ffmpeg - thus leaving the decisioin to the human at the keyboard.

When ffmpeg-git provides ffmpeg and is installed - pacman will accept the installed package.

Therefore - there is no dependency problem to be fixed.

You are in for some special requirement and as such you need to resolve it your way - still not a Manjaro issue.