Few questions for first time Linux user

Hello! I just switched to Linux yesterday and I am not very tech savy. Manjaro KDE working excellent for me. I only wish they included a Firewall by default in system settings. Not very comfortable using console commands.

  1. How do I adjust mousewheel scroll speed? It’s way to slow and it doesn’t give me that option in mouse settings. It would’ve been great if that was included in system settings.

  2. When I was using Windows I remember Firefox having adaptive scrollbars. Whenever I was visiting a website with darkmode the scrollbars would automatically be in darkmode too. Any way to get that on Linux?

  3. Do I have to manually update Kernels? Or is it someway to set that up automatically?

  4. Turning on the computer is blazing fast, but everytime I restart or shutdown it’s using abnormal amout of time to shutdown. Maybe 2 minutes. I am using a SSD. Possible to speed that up? Rembeber it being a lot faster in Windows 10

  5. I am wondering about if Manjaro KDE has an encryption tool with a GUI? I saw Gnome Encfs Manager look like a excellent tool to encrypt your files. Is there a way to get this for Manjaro?

U should have gufw pre-installed, which is a good basic firewall, just turn that on.
U can install kernels from Manjaro settings manager. keep the 5.10 kernel(LTS) and install any latest kernel u want, currently 5.11 is the latest stable.

Please search the forum - your questions has been asked before - in several variations - so you will be able to find the answers.

  1. system settings
  2. firefox is firefox
  3. nothing is done automagicly - you are in charge and you are responsible
  4. linuxatemyram.com - probably cache which needs to be flushed or processes to be closed baloo indexer is shutting down
  5. yes

A few words of advise

As a first time Linux user should get to know the system - it’s limitations - how it is maintained - especially when using KDE Plasma or Gnome - these environment are very picky and can be easily broken when you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

Don’t follow random video tutorials found on youtube or follow random advise or tutorials found on the internet - these are usually only working for the authors system and may not be applicable for yours.

firefox scroll speed:
Set mousewheel.default.delta_multiplier_y between 200 and 500 (default: 100)