Few questions about Manjaro Sway

I’m currently installing and customizing my Manjaro Sway environnement, and I have few questions/issues that I’m currently unable to resolve :

  • How do you customize the login screen ? the default one is just black with with text, but I’d like to add colors, wallpaper, etc.

  • When I switch the focus from a window to another one, for a short time it displays the wallpaper with a quick fade in effect, and I find that really annoying, is it possible to disable it ?

  • in my previous Sway installation I had to add :

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=An i3-compatible Wayland compositor
Exec=/usr/bin/zsh -l -c sway

to solve some issues I had with the way .zshrc was loaded (for integrated term in vscode for instance), is it still required ?


  • Also, vscode resizing is really slow, I’m not sur if this is a Sway issue or a vscode issue, any thought on that ? when I try to increase vscode window size (for example if I go from half screen to fullscreen), it has a short delay during which I just see the background before the vscode window snap to take all the space.


I dont know anything about the Sway edition really…

But it sounds like you want to configure the Display Manager.
I dont know which one, if any, it uses.
In lieu of that I will mention that you can add/use one you want … SDDM is an example of a relatively simple agnostic display manager that can be stylized with themes and backgrounds.

Oh Display Manager was the right word for it, thanks. So mine is GreetD it seems, anlike the fact that it is minimalist, now I’ll find how to customize it a bit !

Ok great.
This is probably a good guide then:

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I tried to uninstall the package code and went for vscodium-bin instead which does not have the issue, so this part is solved I guess.

This was due to the program flashfocus (variable set in definitions file) executed from 99-autostart-applications.conf.
I uninstalled it. Also I had a problem with the way tiling was done, and it was due to a similar problem, from program autotiling-rs.