Feature request for forum

If possible, these would be beneficial changes to the forum.

1. Add “Announcements” to Default Home Page

Under Profile ➔ Preference ➔ Interface ➔ Default Home Page
Current options are: Categories, Latest, New, Unread, Top.
Current work around: go directly to https://forum.manjaro.org/c/announcements/11 rather than https://forum.manjaro.org or use the RSS Feeds.

2. Add a Sort by “Date Added/Created”

When going to the Announcements Category, it is most important to see what stage Manjaro is at (in Testing, Unstable, Stable, Release) and the ChangeLog posted by @philm. This is a higher priority than the Last Activity on an older post. imho, Replies and View are immaterial.

3. Add an easy way to change topic attributes “Tracking” or “Watching”

Maybe something similar to Activity > Bookmarks or something like: