`fdisk -l` shows "GPT PMBR size mismatch"

Fake error by fdisk? as stated here: linux - GPT PMBR Size Mismatch will be corrected by w(rite) - Super User

Hello @followait,

it is a real error. The GPT Partition Table is not correct. Unfortunately I see no way to correct this. Only way is recreate the partition table and that means the whole table will be lost. Make a backup, recreate it and copy the data back.

have you checked also with gparted or

sudo parted -l 

is there any logical partition on it ?

Anyway, the problem has been fixed, when I run # parted -l, it was aware of the problem, and asked me to “Fix / Cancel”, I choosed “Fix”, it is fixed.

BTW, when the problem occurs, the entire disk is dedicated, (parted) align-check report “aligned” for every case. I also check the alginments manually, every START of partitions is aligned at 2048 sectors. The problem has been fixed by parted -l, but I still don’t known why exactly.