Fcitx vs. ibus, which one is better?

Hey there.

I’m currently trying to use ibus for typing in different scripts,
but I see that people are also using fcitx.

Which one of these two is the best and why?

This kind of ‘which is best’ question depends on what you find to be the ‘best’.
Why not try both, and then decide based on your own experience?

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Because the better experience isn’t always the best in the long run if it’s later abandoned.
And what I want to have is the most community support, because I want custom keyboard layouts.

I’ve had bad experience with fcitx in the past.
I just tried fcitx5 and it looks miles better in terms of what I can show for community support.

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That makes sense, but your question didn’t ask about which has more community support.
I use FCITX5 as well. Enjoy it. :slight_smile:

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