Fcitx IME in Manjaro (or in Linux in general)

So here’s the problem that I’ve been dealing with Linux whenever I have to start typing Chinese in most of the applications.
I have the IME (Fcitx) on with Rime (Chinese) executing and it’s typing ASCII characters.
It’s almost the same for most of the apps, and only works in Firefox and Libreoffice (as far as I know)

I’m currently running BSPWM and this is a recurrent issue with all the Linux distros I’ve used over the years.

The question is: is there any way to make apps to be able to accept fcitx as the method to input text?

I’d be so glad that someone can give me an answer.

PS: In the past I had a great experience with Chinese IME in Gnome (as far as I recall only did not work with Telegram), but I personally prefer BSPWM or any of the other TWM.

fcitx is outdated you should use fcitx5. Configuration and more details you find here:


Thank you so much. Finally I can type in my fav browser!
I tick as a solution for the problem.

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