FAT 32 System too small for Mount point on Windows 10

Hello all, I’m trying to install Manjaro alongside Windows 10 on my HP laptop in order to create a dual boot system on a 500gb SSD. I have previously created 40gb of space for the installation on the Harddrive and I’am now attempting to create a mount point on the FAT32 System partition which is only 260mb in size. When I try to create the Manjaro mount point I get an error saying, “The file system must be at least 300mb in size”. So, I’m wondering is there a way to increase the FAT32 System partition? Or should I be looking at another way of getting around this issue? Sorry for any incorrect lingo, as I am very much a newbie.

You may safely ignore that warning. It is there for when people want to use another boot loader than GRUB, such as rEFInd or systemd-boot, which both require the EFI partition to be mounted at /boot, and which thus also means that the kernels will reside on the EFI partition itself.

If you use GRUB as the boot loader ─ which is the default ─ then the kernels will be installed in /boot, which is separate from the EFI partition (/boot/efi), and therefore 260 MiB is more than enough as the size for said partition.

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