Fans constantly being audible even on idle

My laptop’s fans are always very audible when I am booted into Linux, and that is a bit of a problem. Is there any fan control software like Acer nitrosense or any of the others like that on Linux? My laptop’s keyboard has a dedicated button for that so it’ll be a quick key press to boot up the menu but I’m looking more for an auto speed control like on windows (the CPU and GPU running slower for less intensive tasks).

CPU: intel core i5-9300h

GPU1- Intel UHD620

GPU2- Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Max-Q

Hi @Canadian, and welcome!

You should have a look at the page about this on thee Arch Wiki.

I don’t know any more than that, sorry. But I really do hope it helps!

I personally use fancontrol and fancontrol-gui, they do the job very well for me, give them a try

I will try it out when I reinstall again, I think the windows feature update messed up the loader

I have done some looking around online and found this. “Unfortunately Acer has disabled the thermal fan control in bios and the fan sensor is not visible (enabled) for use except for their own software like NitroSense and PredatorSense.” How would I be able to work around this in a dual boot situation?

I do not get your point. Whatever you have found somewhere, and to be honest, we don’t care.

  1. Install fancontrol and run sensors-detect, to see what he get.
  2. If nothing is found, check in your bios if termal sensors are enabled, and run sensors-detect again.
  3. In anycase, follow the arch wiki article on fancontrol and read it, several times if necessary. I spend maybe like 2 hours to make things work correctly, so it can be time consuming.
  4. This is not a Windows forum here, so we cannot help you on that point.

@yannssolo, please re-read OP’s response. They stated that Acer disabled visibility of the fan speed sensor and thermal PWM control without some special ACPI calls made by their software.

@Canadian, if fancontrol cannot find your thermal sensor, your best bet is to either reverse-engineer how that software talks to the fan controller, or wait for someone else to do it (unlikely, but sometimes happens.)

it does not invalidate my answer, read it, please, as his motherboard probably have more sensors without the Acer ones, this is the case for 99% of the motherboard…

And as far as i know, solutions exist for the OP…

The problem has been fixed, thank for the help

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