Fan and cooling over manjaro

Hi all,

I’m a newbie on manjaro and vim3. Thanks to all the community for what you have set up. I am going to my problem.

I have manjaro 22.04:
and kernel:
Linux khadas 5.17.4-1-MANJARO-ARM-ODROID #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon May 2 23:43:37 UTC 2022 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Physically I have the fan installed correctly, in krescue (another OS) I can control the fan via scripts, i2c,…

Now, on manjaro I can’t modify the file limits (for example):

Temperature, fan and temp limits are unstable. Sometimes the fan works and othertimes, …

Can anyone help me?

Please use
linux-khadas Package.

The official thermal. Trip is set at 80°C so fan will only spin when temperature reaches 80.

I have changed it to 60°c in linux-khadas kernel pkg.

'sudo pacman -S linux-khadas linux-khadas-headers`

Install these and reboot.

Fan will work fine.

Thanks @spikerguy I could install the kernel and I can modify the some files about fan.

Can I can modify the trip at other temps? Also I tried use i2c-tools and the fan script by khadas but not works:
[i] i2c device not found by 0x18 0x88

Sorry, but I don’t find the solution to my fan and manjaro … :unamused:

There is no modifucation needed.

The trip is controlled in kernel but yes you can change that from

Afaik you cannot use it as its already assigned at kernel level.

You can change the trip from userspace but it will be reset back to what kernel have on reboot.

If you want you can compile your own kernel when the necessary change.

Kernel pkg manjaro-arm / packages / core / linux-khadas · GitLab

Change temperature to your liking in this patch.

Thanks. Ill try to compile a new kernel with your instructions.

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