Fake 5/14 Kernel Update Notification?

My panel popped the red update notice icon sometime around midnight 5/13, and when I ran Add/Remove Software it showed a long list of apps and related files to update. Ran it in background and then rebooted. Now the panel’s all messed up due to being stuffed with CPU core speeds (I guess a widget update went nuts). I couldn’t remove them until removing the clock to show the left-most. That let me Unlock and delete that one, then each of the others in turn. Murphy’s Law presumably has an item about midnight malfunctions. :sleeping:

Next a notification popped that there’s a new kernel and I should upgrade. I’m running 6.6.30-2 LTS. Notification Settings (below) seem to indicate that kernel Notification shouldn’t have happened (i.e. only if unsupported, only notify LTS).

Rebooted again, no change and the update Notification hasn’t reappeared.

Problem? How to Fix? Ignore?

The update of today is a firmware update.

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Thanks for the pointer. :slightly_smiling_face:
So the Kernel Notification is a poorly labeled firmware update Notification, with no indication of whether or how to do it?

Thanks to your pointer, a quick search found this, so I’m going to sleep now and read it tomorrow.

The kernel update notification pops up, when a newer kernel is available.

I use kernel 6.6 and 6.1 LTS.

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It does appear your selection should only show LTS kernels, and 6.9 is not.

However the notifications and wordings have always been … considered misleading.

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Ahhh… what a relief! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for clearing that up so succinctly. Best of all, it appears there’s nothing more that needs to be done, and I can safely stay here in the LTS while the new kernel gets further refined until a new LTS.

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