Failure to reach desktop after reboot, black screen, architect iso install

Good afternoon, I’ve had a couple of weird experiences installing. Yesterday I decided to reinstall my main openbox and chose architect. I finished twice but rebooted to a black prompt and no desktop, I could log in but I didn’t know how to go on. So I downloaded the community openbox iso, burned it to a pen drive and everything worked ok, I think I didn’t miss any step, the second time I rechecked, I don’t know much but I’ve been using manjaro for a couple of years and have done many virtualbox architects installations.
I share this because someone may find it useful.

Find what useful? You haven’t told us anything at all and your thread title is meaningless. Perhaps you meant well, but there’s nothing of value here. You’ll have to be more specific. Please edit your thread title and post.

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I am sorry. You were right, I must have been almost asleep and left an odd title about something I was thinking to write but decided not to.
Now my openbox is working ok, I just wanted to report because if I didn’t make any mistakes there could be something to check.

Aside from my head spinning from the wall of text:

Seems to me you forgot to enable the DM to start at boot?

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Thank you for making me aware of a possible issue with the openbox profile used by Architect.

I think the profile used by architect needs a check.

I will update the profile as needed.

I have updated the profile used by Architect - it now matches the profile used for the ISO installation.

Please note that Openbox uses lxdm and Architect - for some reason - don’t honor that. @Chrysostomus?

So you will have to manually enable the display manager - otherwise you will boot to console.

Use the option in Architect to chroot the install and run

systemctl enable lxdm

Exit chroot and reboot.

Or just boot to console - login and run

sudo systemctl enable --now lxdm

Thank you a lot for explaining what happened

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@jacqui I boldly marked the solution of @linux-aarhus , if you disagree feel free to change it :wink:

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