Failure to boot NonFree usb iso for install (21.2.1)

Hi all,

I’m attempting to usb boot the latest i3 ISO (as of posting), i3 21.2.1 with nonfree proprietary nvidia drivers.
I get stuck on the boot via usb process. “Failed to start Light Display Manager”, carries on for a couple of processes before it then hangs endlessly just after “Reached target Graphical Interface”.

Failed workarounds I’ve tried:

  1. Booting free on 21.2.1 works fine but I’ve run into issues moving over to nonfree after full install of free drivers, due to other services crying dependencies when attempting to make the switch.
  2. Using a previous ISO version works booting to nonfree, but updating after full install causes dependency errors and fails to update any packages etc.

Will this be fixed with an updated ISO? how long could it be before another updated iso is released?
Or better, does anyone have a wonderful fix for this?

Many thanks to anyone that can help :slight_smile:


If your user description is correct and you have Nvidia GT 750M 1GB Mac Edition (2013 iMac), then there will be nothing that will automatically work.

And AFAIK you need the video-nvidia-390xx once you installed it from live media using the free drivers first, but according to this

you actually have to stick to nouveau, free drivers, or try the video-nvidia-470xx, but i doubt will work.

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Does the freedriver have some form of interface that can adjust settings, much like changing the settings in Nvidia-x-server-settings?

Is a very basic driver, no options like Nvidia one.
You can use some parameters as described here KernelModuleParameters

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