Failed to Start TLP after replacing dGPU

I don’t see the right place to put this. But I use Xfce…

OK I took out my GTX 970 and put back in the GTX 760 /4GB due to noisy replacement GPU fans. Much quieter.

Anyway I’m getting Failed to start TLP Startup/Shutdown and the System Hangs. The latest updates worked fine before exchanging Graphic Cards. Windows and the LiveUSB boot fine. I did searched first on the Forum but only find issues with updates.

So do I need to run something from the Terminal to fix this? Reinstall? Thanks.

Maybe you have/had nvidia driver 495 and this one wants 470 ?
Also … you can disable TLP with something like

systemctl disable tlp --now

You can also see this for gaining interactivity:

Isn’t the GTX 760 still supported by the current Linux Driver? I forgotten how to fix anything from the LiveUSB in the already Installed System.

I forgot I did try booting from other Kernels before posting.

Now I get a black screen. But I can use a Console. I used the Command you showed before I gotten the black screen.

So I had to remove the NVIDIA driver and the Linux-Free one. Now I am going to reinstall the NVIDIA driver to see if the 760 actually works. :rage:

What caused this to begin with? AFAIK Nvidia is still supporting the 760 with the current drivers.

I’m really thinking of AMD or the New Intel Arc GPU when available.

So I use the Manjaro Settings Manager to Auto Install the Nvidia Drivers and rebooted. No issues, right into the Desktop…

I wonder why I had this issue in the first place. I already had the right driver installed. Don’t see why TLP had anything to do this to begin with.

I’ll try to write out the Solution later detailing what I did.

The reason why your system hung has nothing to do with TLP, that’s just the last boot message printed.

The GTX 760 (Kepler) is now only supported by the production branch NVIDIA 470 series driver while the GTX 970 (Maxwell) is supported by the new feature branch NVIDIA 495 series driver.

You’ll need to manually install it:

sudo mhwd -i pci video-nvidia-470xx

Since it sounds like you’re not able to boot normally, boot from a live ISO and chroot into your system using manjaro-chroot -a to perform the above command.

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The Issue is fixed. I have been able to boot normally since late last night. Using the Current Driver I had installed.

But thank for informing me about Drivers Issues.

What did you do to fix it? Someone coming across your post in the future will wonder the same.

I have to see if I recall. But I had to force remove nvidia-settings then the driver with Pacman. Rebooted with the Free driver. Then auto install the Nvidia one from Manjaro Settings Manager.

I hate to have to settle for a 1030 due to only one available to buy… But as soon as prices drop and wider supplies, I’m buying.