Failed to start the system

failed to start manjaro after updating the system today
here the terminal output
[FAILED] failed to start tuptime scheduled execution
[FAILEd] failed to star tuptime service

But it also appears that you have installed 3rd party software (tuptime) that is failing … though that is not necessarily the reason you cant boot … it could simply be the last message you see.

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So now the failings are :
mariadb, plex, containerd, docker, and tuptime.

So quite a few things.
Though nothing from the core system.
You say this was ‘after an update’ … did the update complete successfuly and without errors?

And … what is this image from? Did you try to boot some other way?

yes the update completed successfuly and without errors.
the problem is, i cn’t access the TTY.

If you cant boot even into something like runlevel 3 then you will probably need to use a live USB and chroot in. All of that covered in the link above.

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allright, thank you