Failed to start load kernel modules and blinking cursor

I am dual booting windows 10 and manjaro but for some reason when I booted into manjaro I got this error. Can someone help? I would really appreciate it

Can you give some more detailed information about the error ?

I was running the sudo pacman -Syu command and I pressed ctrl + alt + delete and this happaned. Maybe I am just dumb or something but that’s basically it

Then you must use the Manjaro uSB stick,
chroot into the system and complete the update.

How can I chroot?

Start USB stick, login as root on console and manjaro-chroot -a
and complete the update with pacman -Syyu.

Ok. But I will chroot into the partition manjaro is installed on right? Not on windows right?
And also are there other steps I should take? Or when I am done with the update I can boot up manjaro with no problems?

Chroot with a Linux system only works on a Linux system.

When you start chroot, then you can chroot into a Linux system only.

I did it but now when I boot into manjaro I don’t get an error but now it’s just showing me a unblinking cursor. And that’s it. It didnt show me the option to selects manjaro or windows

It is hard to say, how to repair the system.

In this case, i would perform a reinstall - I don´t press CRTL + ALT + DEL during system update.

Ok. Thank you for your help anyway. Just one last question. Can I just replace the partition it’s installed in right now with the new installation?

As always, you should use the manual partitioning.
Then you can format the existing partitions.

Ok I am lost. I am sorry for troubling you so much if you can’t tell me, but can you take me by the process step by step. Because I am just afraid not to not screw up something

Can you post the partitoning of the existing installation ?