Failed to start Light Display Manager on reboot

I usually rebooted and saw this error on screen, maybe i did something wrong but i dont know what. im kinda new so please consider that.


We do consider. You also should consider this:

how can i send the inxi -Fazy output?

You copy it from terminal, place ``` above it, paste it and then close the formatting with another 3 ` bellow it.

i cannot even start graphical, because lightdm fails in start, how can i do this in tty 2 user?
for an addition: i remembered i made changes in xorg file, that could be the problem maybe.

Solution: I created a new xorg.conf file and replaced it. thanks for the help.

If you introduced a typo or something unsuitable to your system/GPU/GPUs it can create issues, yes.

If you have mentioned your change in xorg.conf from the start, someone would have told you to restore it or create another one.
I’ll mark your comment as solution tho.

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