Failed to start Light Display Manager Error after sudo pamac update

Hi all,

after executing sudo pamac update and rebooting my machine, boot up ends with the message:

FAILED: Failed to start Light Display Manager Error

I already googled this error and cam to the following link:
How to Fix - Failed to Start Light Display Manager Error [Solved] (

But when i execute

ligthdm --test-mode --debug

as described in the tutorial, i get different error messages than in the tutorial.
So i don’t know how to proceed.

Here is my output (i can’t copy paste the console output because i am writing from another machine)

Do you have tipps for a linux beginner like me how to step by step get back to a working system ;-( ?

Best wishes

By the way: I prefer writing in german if this is possible.

Main rule: Don’t use pamac with sudo.

You do it as ordinary user when there are required root privileges. Run sudo ligthdm --test-mode --debug or login as root before execute ligthdm --test-mode --debug.

Did you try solutions from your link (also other solutions) – reinstalling packages shouldn’t make things worse, but may help.


i now tried this from the tutorial:

For this guide, I am using Arch Linux, hence I ran the following to re-install the lightdm-gtk-greeter

pacman -S lightdm-gtk-greeter

Then enable the systemd service for lightdm, just in case.

systemctl enable lightdm

And then reboot –

systemctl reboot

And also tried this

pacman -S xorg

But the System does not boot, i just see the ASUS Logo but don’t get from BIOS into Linux…
If i then press STRG + ALT + F5 and follow your tip:

the output at the console shows no more errors but booting fails anyway.

i just see the ASUS logo at bootup but thats it ;-(

Please see my video (sorry for bad quality…left hand typing, right hand filming…and my bad english voice :wink:

20210815_112417.mp4 |

Is there anything i can tryout?
Is there some information i can provide to you so that you can help me to get manjaro booting again. Any log files to post or terminal outputs (dmesg)?

i am totally helpless ;-(

German speaking section: Deutsch - Manjaro Linux Forum

OK, i will post it also in the german forum.
But do you have help for me anyway?