Failed to start Light Display Manager after a usual reboot

I’ve tried to track down the problem, but I’m totally at a loss for what to look for/at. I don’t think I’ve changed anything recently, I just rebooted to get a fresh start and I can’t get to any gui anymore. Pacman says all packages are up to date and this is the only problem I see in journal to. Any ideas?

You can go to the tty, and type lightdm -v to make sure it’s still installed.

If it is, try:

systemctl enable lightdm.service
systemctl start lightdm.service

You can use systemctl status lightdm.service to see the status of the service.

I tried those, and it just came up with the same error. It is installed, and the status command says it failed with the same error too.

Here’s the status:

Please try to run lightdm in debug mode:

lightdm --debug --test-mode

Maybe there is a hint, where it hangs.

Here’s a picture of the output, I can’t get it into a text file for some reason.
Edit: btw I ran it with sudo because it seemed to not have permission for a lot of stuff without it

It says at the top:

Could not run plymouth --ping

Where is this coming from?

As far as I could tell, it’s not required to run and it’s not installed unless for some reason you install it manually