Failed to run pkgfile error at boot startup? What does it mean? And how to solve it?

Hello everyone!!!
Can anyone tell me why when i turning on my laptop and boots to manjaro shows me this error and how to solve it?
Thank you!!!

I think i found something here:[FAILED] failed to start pkgfile database update - #22 by ThalesMarcel

It is probably caused by a network timeout. I’ve had it happening here as well. You can however manually start it after booting… :arrow_down:

sudo systemctl start pkgfile-update

OK i think you helped me a lot!!!
I will try it on command!!
Thank you!!!

Can i ask you something else?
How much hour it takes to complete?
Because im not seeing right now any action!!!

It shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds, and it runs in the background and then stops. It doesn’t run all the time. It is normally triggered by a timer.

Here what i got!!! It was stuck here for some reason!!!

Just wait a while for it to finish. It should normally finish pretty quickly. :thinking:

Now i think is done!!!

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