Failed to open Directory. Bad Message

Cannot open some directories (Documents and Downloads). Manjaro send “bad message”. Can somebody help me?

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  • What filesystem type are you using for /home?
  • How are you trying to access those directories ─ command line or file manager?
  • Is your system fully up-to-date?

Please also take the time to read the following post… :arrow_down:


is you use ext4, you can run fsck

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Thanks for the reply.

-Looking at Gparted, I found the filesystem type is ext4 (/dev/sda2). Mount point: /.
-I’m using both: command line and file manager, to try to access those directories.
-My system is already updated (using the command sudo pacman -Syyu).

-When I try to use the command fsck and unmount the partition, got the message: “must be superuser to unmount”.

Easiest way to check filesystems(partitions) which are in use if you booted up your Manjaro installation is to boot up a live iso from usb.

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You cannot fsck a mounted filesystem ─ well, you can, but it’ll destroy the filesystem ─ and you also cannot unmount the root filesystem of a running system. Therefore, as @freggel.doe says, you need to fsck your installed root filesystem from a live session.

Thank you guys for your help.
The filesystem is already fixed :blush: