Failed to mount /home. dependency failed for local file systems

I used a guide to move my home folder to a secondary ssd, when I boot I receive the error message:
failed to mount /home.
dependency failed for local file systems.

The two ssd’s are encrypted. might this be the problem?
(it is a laptop and I live in a high crime country)

The guide I used

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum :+1:

To help others to help you better you should describe the exact steps you performed from that guide, cause no one can look into your memory to see what you exactly did in your case…

That most likely is unless they are bit-wise copies of each other inclusive the encryption…
(The contents inside the encrypted container can be same, but the container’s encryption is most likely using a different ecryption key)

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The problem seems to be the encryption. everything is working a 100% on a non encrypted ssd. Could not find a solution.