Failed to load kernel module after installing proprietary nvidia driver

I have a gt710 and previously I had the nouveau driver which got instaled by default. I wanted to play CS:GO, I would usually get around 110 fps in the menu but was getting around 30-40 so decided to install proprietary drivers.

I was following the wiki and the next step was to restart, but after restart it says “[Failed] Failed to start Load kernel Module” just this, twice, with no extra information

I tried to reinstall Manjaro and then tried again to install drivers. Every time I installed the proprietary drivers, my pc wouldn’t boot, I tried using both GUI and terminal and even tried installing older version.

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What kernel do you use ? EOL ?

If your GPU isn’t too old (and I don’t think it is, I think it uses the 470 driver), the nvidia driver can be preinstalled if you choose the proprietary driver option on the first screen when you install manjaro.

When you say you tried GUI, do you mean Hardware Configuration found in Manjaro Settings Manager or do you mean installing the driver through Pamac, I’m not sure if it makes a difference. Anyway I would personally use the tool created for installing drivers (Hardware Configuration).