Failed to load ashmem driver

after following instruction in i end up with this error

 sudo waydroid container start                                                                                                                         
[sudo] password for chetti: 
[10:31:40] Failed to load ashmem driver
[10:31:40] modprobe: FATAL: Module ashmem_linux not found in directory /lib/modules/5.18.1-zen1-1-zen
[10:31:40] Failed to load Ashmem driver

Both waydroid and the linux5.18.1.zen1-1-zen-bin kernel are AUR packages. They are not maintained by Manjaro.

Your best bet is to contact the developer/maintainer of those packages — presumably the maintainer of that kernel package, who can be reached at this GitHub page below… :arrow_down:

what did you purpose as solution even the anbox-dkms-module not working

See post #2. :arrow_double_up:


so there is no other way to run waydroid

If there is a problem with those packages, then you should contact the developers/maintainers of those packages.

As I told you, those are packages from the AUR — i.e. the Arch User Repository — which is neither run nor maintained by Manjaro. We offer support for the installation of AUR packages through our pamac package manager, but when it comes to the AUR, we offer no other support than that — I’m sorry.

P.S.: All of this is mentioned in the two posts I’ve linked to higher up.


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