Failed to install libkiwix

i’m trying to install libkiwix

i successfully compiled kiwixlib and i run the installation code:
in this path: /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/ i find: kiwix.pc

but when trying to compile the kiwix desktop i get this error:
qmake .
Package kiwix was not found in the pkg-config search path.
Perhaps you should add the directory containing kiwix.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable Package 'kiwix', required by 'virtual:world', not found Package kiwix was not found in the pkg-config search path. Perhaps you should add the directory containing kiwix.pc’
to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
Package ‘kiwix’, required by ‘virtual:world’, not found

how to solve this?
the kiwixlib in the AUR repo is not the latest version
edit: the kiwixlib in manjaro repo is not the latest version

Its in the repos … is there a reason you are trying to compile it from source?

… there is not an AUR package? Do you mean kiwix-desktop-git ? git packages build from current sources so the versions rarely matter.
If you mean the repo version of libkiwix … well … dependencies are a thing.
And how is it not latest? (12.1.1-1 is in all branches, current git release is 12.1.0)

the latest kiwixlib versiob is libkiwix-13.0.0 and not 12
i made some changes in kiwix desktop trying to make it in dark mode and i need to compile it. but it needs the version 13 of libkiwix to compile. i tried with version 12 and i get error.
so i need to compile the libkiwix then install it so as i can install the edited version of the kiwix desktop

edit: sorry i mean libkiwix in manjaro repo is old and not in AUR

by the way, manjaro is supposed to ave the latest packages while it is a rolling distro. why libkiwix is old?

Because official kiwix release is 2.3.1

And because the libkiwix is maintained by Arch Linux Arch Linux - libkiwix 12.1.1-1 (x86_64)

 $ pamac info libkiwix
Name                  : libkiwix
Version               : 12.1.1-1
Description           : Library providing the Kiwix software core
URL                   :
Licenses              : GPL3
Repository            : extra
Installed Size        : 1,5 MB
Groups                : --
Depends On            : libzim>=9.0.0 pugixml xapian-core aria2 libmicrohttpd python curl
Optional Dependencies : --
Required By           : kiwix-desktop kiwix-tools
Optional For          : --
Provides              : kiwix-lib
Replaces              : kiwix-lib
Conflicts With        : kiwix-lib
Packager              : Justin Kromlinger <>
Build Date            : man 13 nov 2023 20:35:29 CET
Install Date          : lør 02 dec 2023 09:01:54 CET
Install Reason        : Installed as a dependency for another package
Validated By          : Signature
Backup files          : --

The v13 is not the latest release and therefore not in the Arch repo - a release is not necessarily stable - which is why Arch maintainer has not rebuild the package.

Or you can pull the Arch PKGBUILD and build v13 yourself.

The correct way of action then is to download libkiwix PKGBUILD, change pkgver to 13.0.0, run updpkgsums, and then build that.

thank you for your help
i’m not understanding the steps but i make it:

updpkgsums PKGBUILD  :heavy_check_mark:
==> Retrieving sources…
→ Downloading libkiwix-13.0.0.tar.gz…
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:–:-- 0:00:01 --:–:-- 0
100 1093k 0 1093k 0 0 37915 0 --:–:-- 0:00:29 --:–:-- 65208
==> Generating checksums for source files…

now i rebuilt the libkiwix i downloaded from the github?

Instead of trying random things rather educate yourself on how building packages work, for example: makepkg - ArchWiki
Arch build system - ArchWiki

You can find plenty other reading material elsewhere as well.

i’m new in linux and manjaro
i followed the steps of compiling and installing mentioned in the readme file in kiwixlib. i will have a look in that documentation.

Linux distros have a package manager for a reason. So manually compiling and installing stuff is a big no-no.

And I’m not giving you line by line instructions for a reason. You should try and understand first how package management works, how they are built, etc.

i’ve build the downloaded file and build it then install and i get the same error
how to change the value of PKG_CONFIG_PATH so as i can add: /usr/local/lib/?

What file?

i run this command: makepkg
then it downloaded the file and build it
i tried also to install the downloaded file from the software manager: install local packages then choose the downloaded file
now the package manager shows that the version 13 is installed
now i think i should do the same thing with kiwix desktop? i need to download the PKGBUIL then i edit the files and then compile it with makepkg?

i go now to kiwix desktop folder and run the commands in the readme file and now it installed successfully
thank you for your help

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