Failed to insert 'vfs_monitor': Invalid argument

I too get the Failed to start Load Kernel Modules error message during the boot process. The system seems to run fine though but I still want to fix this issue.

When I use journalctl I get this output:

systemd-modules-load[245]: Failed to find module 'vfs_monitor'

$ uname -r

$ modinfo vfs_monitor
modinfo: ERROR: Module vfs_monitor not found.

Any help is appreciated!

Your user description has Cinnamon as default DE.

is part of the deepin-anything package, and the related module load configuration is located in /usr/lib/modules-load.d/anything.conf … Did you try reinstalling the package, is your system fully updated?

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I don’t reinstall the pakages, but my system is updated
can i remove all deepin packages?
how to remove all deepin packages?