"Failed to generate ceph-libs information" I don't have ceph-libs installed. I thought it was totally uneccessary

Part 5 or 15 or something in trying to get my aur packages to update.
I’ve switched mirrors because it kept saying my pgp signature was corrupted for some reason, and that fixed that problem, but now for the update it seems pamac is checking every damn dependency before updating, and it fails on “Failed to generate ceph-libs information”

I can use pacman fine. I refreshed all my keys there (multiple times actually), but pamac refuses to work.

ceph libs was dropped, so the best option is to remove it:
pamac remove ceph-libs
and run update again

You missed info in the title
I already have uninstalled it

you are right my mistake… try refreshing your mirrors and clearing cache:

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 5 && sudo pacman -Scc && sudo pacman -Syyu