Failed to create partition error when trying to install Manjaro KDE 21.0.7

Hi, can someone please help I’m trying to install Manjaro on my SSD which is the only storage device currently plugged into my PC right now. I’m running an UEFI system and in setup I chose erase disk option with hibernate Swap, and this error keeps popping up. I’m not trying to dual boot!
I can’t upload a picture but it basically said “The installer failed to create partition on disk “SSD name” Create a new partition(230GiB,ext4)on ‘/dev/nvme0n1’ Job: Create new parition on device ‘/dev/nvme0n1’
Command : mkfs.ext4-qf/dev/nvme0n2p2”

Have you disabled secure boot?

tryed that also

Have you tried to completely reformat that disk from a live ISO boot using gparted?

Also make sure the drive is not in “hybrid-sleep” from the Windows side, if it has Windows on it right now.
This happens with default windows settings when you turn off windows and “cold boot” into something else.

If it does, all jobs that would change anything that disk will fail.’

To get around it, you can either disable hybrid-sleep in windows, or simply choose restart instead of turn off and start.