Failed retrieving file from

From the last 3-4 times whenever i update my system using sudo pacman -Syu , it gives me this error on the first go:

You can see the packages are downloaded but still this error.

Sometimes my internet speed when updating goes down to bytes as well (even when my internet is working fine)

I do not understand why is it happening .

I’m currently running hyprland

I don’t know what hyprland is but you maybe need to refresh your mirrors first.

Ditto. But for updating your mirrors:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu


Aaah :bulb:

It should’nt make a difference.

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hyprland has nothing to do with your internet connection. is a on a content delivery network operated by which selects the mirror it thinks is the closest to your. - and your issue is likely caused by the network.

You may benefit from running the mirror selection tool to select another mirror.

You can read the man page for the tool

man pacman-mirrors

Or you can look at the wiki

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So i just updated my mirror list config using :

sudo pacman-mirrors --country India,United_States,Germany && sudo pacman -Syu

Status of all the mirrors is Ok
I’ll have to wait for next update to see if there is some error on not

I’ve two questions. When i ran this command it gives output in this form

  1.627 Germany        :
  1.651 Germany        :
  1.636 Germany        :
  1.778 Germany        :
  0.856 India          :
  3.003 United_States  :
  3.951 United_States  :
  1. Is the first column : time taken to connect to that mirror ?
  2. will selects my mirror based on this time or based on location closer to me?
  1. It is a the number of seconds - the time taken to connect and download the file core.db until it has been stored on your system.

  2. :man_shrugging:

In which country are you that India, USA and Germany are your best options?

Use the ones that are as close to you as possible.
The magic country “global” is the CDN mirror.

I actually selected first one as the closest. The second closest one didn’t even connect.
I can’t select China all of their mirrors are out of date

So selected the ones with most mirrors according to

Even i think including USA won’t do any good. So i removed it and added some closer ones as you do recommend