Failed: pkgfile-update.service

On my laptop the command
$ systemctl --failed
provides almost all time
● pkgfile-update.service loaded failed failed pkgfile database update
Reading this article, it may be based on the fact, that the laptop has not yet the wLAN connection during boot process, as no password has been provided so far. There was another discussion here, but I could not find a solution there.
My questions:

  • Is that the true reason?
  • If so, how to get rid of the error message? One option could be to run:
    $ systemctl start pkgfile-update
    $ systemctl --failed

Have u tried changing ur mirror/mirrors?

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

i get it from time to time,
i see you already found the threads that talk about it,
i don’t think it’s really an issue and you should’nt be concerned.

Thank you: Yes, but this does not solve the issue:

  • System is running: pkgfile-update.service loaded FAILED
  • systemctl start OR change mirror: pkgfile-update.service loaded OK
  • Reboot the system: pkgfile-update.service loaded FAILED
    Hope I describe good enough, what I mean?

Try updating pkgfile manually
sudo pkgfile -u

If u r not using manjaro-zsh-config/zsh then u don’t need pkgfile. U can disable & remove it.

Would you please advice, how to

disable & remove

… just not to cause new issues. Thanks!

sudo systemctl stop pkgfile-update.service
sudo systemctl disable pkgfile-update.service
This should solve the issue.

Uninstall pkgfile if u want
sudo pacman -R pkgfile
( may need to remove manjaro-zsh-config first)