Failed Boot of Fresh Install

Fresh install of manjaro gnome edition fails to boot and gets stuck on boot screen.
Sometimes when i press random keys the login manager gets loaded but some keys like spacebar and “b” key stop working.
They were all working before i rebooted.

Did it work with the live edition? Did you check the iso to make sure it was good? Also you may need to report some more data, sorry I couldn’t find the link for “how to report problems”

I didnt know what more data to give you.
Update: I fixed it (hopefully its not a temporary fix)

My laptop was HP Pavilion, so i booted into live environment and spacebar and b key was not working there also.
I connected external keyboard and space and b was working. So it was a hardware related issue prolly.

I saw how to hard reset my laptop and then rebooted and it seems to work now.

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