Facing Grub Rescue error right after installing Manjaro

Hello good people,

I am using Manjaro alongside with Windows 10. I am not new to Manjaro. I have been using it from 2016. Earlier, I didn’t face any problem whatsoever. But now, after installing from a latest ISO with USB, my PC don’t even boot to Manjaro. It shows me Grub rescue. Somehow I still managed to install Manjaro on my machine by installing a two years old ISO and upgrading it from version 18 to 20, becuse as I said, I can’t boot to new ISO’s. Help me to solve this problem.

One thing I noticed, before burning with Rufus, the earlier ISO’s used to show it’s burning ISOHybrid mode or something like that and I can boot into Manjaro. But the newer ISO’s shows Grub2 mode or something like that. And when it shows, I face this error. (I mentioned it because it might be a helpful information)
I have given some info about my machine.

Dual Boot
Partition type, MBR.
Boot Type: Legacy(BIOS)
Burned USB using Rufus.


use if possible ventoy

download latest iso
see from > Editions

A) EFI bios boot

recheck all options in EFI bios

no Secureboot
no fastboot
no legacy
no CSM
all disks on AHCI
may be keep USB storage on
only UEFI

boot on USB iso manjaro
( if you see UEFI < USB vendor name > < partition 1 > is for UEFI install )

check if all good EFI before installing
open a terminal

inxi  -Mxxa ( check for UEFI or bios , not UEFI[legacy] )
test -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi || echo bios
sudo efibootmgr -v
sudo parted -l

Does it work for Legacy mode?