F1 to start with bootflags doesn't work

I would like to do a test, with the aim of testing whether it is possible to turn off interrupts of the Linux kernel.

My test consists of adding nohz_full=‘0-15’ to see if the system works by deactivating the kernel’s multitasking, but I wish to do this non-permanently, and for that I activated the menu and there it asks to press F1 to start (the key does not respond, no matter how many times I press it).

I also tried nohz_full=‘1-15’ to see if it’s an error in my configuration, but it doesn’t respond to the F1 key either.

I could try editing /etc/default/grub and running grub mkconfig as a workaround, but I consider this test as risking needing to configure again with chroot.

In the grub menu, you can use the e key to edit the command line temporary.

I pressed “e” to edit the parameters.

To start, it asks you to press F1 and it doesn’t boot when I press it, I’ve tried starting like this even without changing any parameters and it doesn’t work.

I remember it being F10

What is in your picture looks different from what I see.
For me it is
TAB to get completion recommendations
CTRL-x or F10 to boot
CTRL-C or F2 for a command line
and ESC to abort

It seems to be a translation error from Grub into Portuguese, there is an instruction saying that the boot is in F1, but as stated it is wrong.

Thank you all for your help.

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