F1-f0 keys stopped working after updating

I updated my system a day ago and after reboot the f1-f0 keys stopped working, I’m using a thinkpad E485 for reference.

I saw on their forum that updating the power management driver could do this,

You probably updated the power management driver. Its affecting a lot of people. Its affecting OSD and Fn keys. See below post. The solution is to ROLL back the power management driver.

not sure how I would roll back this, it could be an update from long ago, I’m absolutely sure it’s not a mechanical error tho, because I can get into the bios using f1.

Edit: I’m not sure exactly what causes this but it seems as if something on the software side is causing this, I’m thinking since windows users had similair problem when updating the power management driver a couple years ago it could be possible that the same problem has come to linux now, maybe because of some driver beeing released as open source and then adopted by linux? I reallly have no clue, but would it be possible to downgrade the system and see which update broke it?

Can you elaborate?

What happens if you run libinput debug-events --show-keycodes and start pressing the function keys? Do they register?

the output from libinput debug-events --show-keycodes:

|-event5   KEYBOARD_KEY     +57.022s|KEY_MUTE (113) pressed|
| event5   KEYBOARD_KEY     +57.141s|KEY_MUTE (113) released|
| event5   KEYBOARD_KEY     +59.543s|KEY_WAKEUP (143) pressed|
| event5   KEYBOARD_KEY     +60.287s|KEY_F1 (59) pressed|
|^[[11~ event5   KEYBOARD_KEY     +60.362s|KEY_F1 (59) released|
| event5   KEYBOARD_KEY     +61.323s|KEY_WAKEUP (143) released|

It seems as if the function key has somehow been inverted so if I press Fn + F1 it registers as F1 and not “mute” and if I press F1 it registers “mute”.

Can you check if there’s an option named something like “Fn lock” in the BIOS?

I just checked bios and there was an option to enable or disable F1-F9 as primary function, it was disabled so I enabled it and now it works as normal again

Thanks!!! :smiley:

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