Extreme flickering and mirroring of screen

vimeo . com / 700409596
I get this behavior daily and wasn’t able to fix it. It often gets triggered after returning from hibernate or when closing OpenGL applications/games.
Sometimes it goes away after a while and it stops when certain OpenGL applications are running and returns once closed. The video shows IntelliJ as an example but it affects the whole screen.
Nvidia GTX 1060, proprietary driver, two monitors, both identical and 60 Hz. Fresh install did not help.
Does anyone recognize this type of behavior?


This might help

Probably enabling early kms will help

Take those as example. If you have questions i might be around to answer them, help out if you get stuck.

Thanks! It didn’t match by problem but I tried it nevertheless, no success so far.

However I was able to track in further down. Disabling the compositor (e.g. shift-alt-F12) removes the issue. Re enabling the compositor returns to the error.

I can live with this hack, but it would be great to find the actual cause.