Extra steps for changing shell?


Hello everyone,
I am new to linux and am thinking of changing from bash to zsh as my default shell,
I am going to use this command chsh -s /etc/zsh username
are there any tips for caution that I should consider before changing shell ?

This command will not work.

Check the shells available at your system with

chsh -l

Then pick one path and do

chsh -s full-path-to-shell

Run the commands as a normal user, no sudo . No need to add a username for the current user. The path you posted can’t be a full path to a shell binary. A example would be /usr/bin/zsh, but check if the path is listed in chsh -l .
To see an effect log out and in again.

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>>> chsh -l

these are the available options.

Pick the one you like. Since /bin/zsh is just a link to /usr/bin/zsh,

chsh -s /usr/bin/zsh

Don’t forget to logout and in again.

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