External USB M2 SSD mounting issue


I received an external USB M2 SSD disk which works great under Windows and Mac OSX.
It is said by manufacturer that it works also under android so under linux.
However when I use gparted, i can see M2 SSD has 2 partitions: sdi1 as msftres and sdi2 as msftdata
It is said that if I format it or change partition it will not work anymore.
As it works perfectly under windows and Mac OSX I just would like to use it under manjaro.

How can I do as manjaro is not about to mount it automatically as it does not recognize partition type?

I thought that exfatprogs could solve the issue but nothing happens.
Is there a particular package for msftres / msftdata partitions ?


I don’t see why M.2 SSDs can’t be formatted like any other drive…


maybe because it’s a 16TB ext. M2 SSD NVME and manufacturer only allows ExFat on it.


Is the one at $3000 or the one at $20 with actually a 64GB microSD card? Sorry, not saying that is a fake, but no legit manufacturer of SSD/NVM drives will tell you

It defies all the purposes of a storage device.

How much information you actually copied on it from those OS? Did you pass the 1TB of data, or was just some random small files?
Since you use KDE Plasma, depending on how you set the Removable Devices and Device actions, you should be prompted to mount it or open in File manager, etc …

What is terminal showing if you run:
lsblk -a

lsblk -f

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You will see that it is fake…

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