External mounts disappear when unmounted and not available to mount again

In the past, I could unmount any partition on an external device and then mount it later. Now it behaves abnormally, meaning, when partition is unmounted, the whole device becomes unavailable.

When there are two partitions, if any is mounted, then unmounted one is still present. But when both partitions are unmounted, they became unavailable (no device). The problem begins when my HDD has one partition. Clonezilla can’t use it because it gets mounted automatically whenever I plug it in. So to make it available to Clonezilla, I have to unmount it but… it disappears completely and again, Clonezilla can’t find it. So I have a HDD but can’t use it with Clonezilla.

What is happening and how to fix it?

EDIT: Found some workaround. I disabled automatic mounting. I suspect the issue is, that the system is not scanning for external devices automatically. It only detects them on plug-in action. Could it be some TLP setting?

Seems to be intentional, see:

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Thanks, will study it, although the bug is old and in 2018 it was working fine for me, so I’m not sure if it has something to do with my situation.

Forgot to mention the “workaround”: use umount in a terminal instead of the UI. That way the device will be available for a re-mount or any other actions.

I’m not too familiar with umount. I checked --help pages, but I don’t know how to specify target’s name. I assume that --a or -A will try to unmount everything, including system discs? Or maybe not busy discs?

Have you tried the man page? :slight_smile:

sudo umount /mountpoint

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