External Monitor Size not detected correctly

I tried to connect a Samsung 32" TV Monitor via HDMI to my Asus/AMD Laptop.
Though resolution is set right to 1920x1080 the Monitor is recognized as 7" Monitor. The desktop doesn’t fit exactly to the screen and the picture is quiet unsharp.
So how to set the correct size to 32"?

Hi @ara,

AFAIK the physical size is irrelevant the PC and only the resolution truly matters. With that in mind, I suggest you look for a setting or something on the monitor itself.

Also, I don’t know if this had changed, it very well might have, but TV screens used to be more blurry/fuzzy/unfocused than a PC monitor.

Hope this helps!

First, you could share some helpful information such as running the commands

inxi -Fza



in a console.

Switched back to my 27" PC Monitor. 32" is too big for my desktop.

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