External monitor doesn't have a dock on reboot

Hi everyone, really new to everything here, first post, a student, started fiddling with some linux distros a few weeks ago because of general issues with windows that started driving me insane

i have a problem with my external monitor
after a reboot i can’t see the dock
the only way to see the dock is to disconnect the monitor and rebooting again without it
after that i can reconnect the monitor and see the dock again.

i searched everywhere but found no related post on this issue

this info is probably not enough to help so please tell me if there is something i should include

any help/tips/notes will be appreciated:)

dual boot causes many problems and in windows (if 8/8.1/10) disable fast boot and in your bios/uefi disable secure boot
which is your graphics card
update your drivers

sorry the title was a mistake:)

If anyone facing the same problem is seeing this, i was able to solve the problem by creating a latte dock on top of the default one, after reboot only the latte dock was shown on the external monitor for some reason:)

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