Extensions window startup positioning and size

Manjaro forum doesn’t let me put pics or links in my post (maybe because I just made an account) so I have to do something like this, just delete blank spaces: imgur . com/a/mo3MKsV

Hello! Since gnome 40 update my extension window always opens on left monitor (my primary monitor is on the right) and top left corner, just like in the screenshot (my secondary display is smaller than the primary one so it cuts off most of the window). This placement makes using extension app very annoying. Disabling second monitor seems to work but I want to use it. If I switch placement of monitor in settings it seems to work just fine and extension window opens on my primary display but physically I have my primary monitor on my right side so I don’t want to do that.

It seems that gnome defaults extensions window to the top left corner of left monitor. Settings of extensions open on the same place too, so even if I drag extension window to my primary monitor I have to drag more windows if I want to tweak something.

Ideally I want 1) extension app to open on my primary (right) monitor and 2) extension app to open in the centre of the monitor, not top left (I have center new window turned on in tweaks app). However, I feel like 1) is much more annoying than 2) so fixing it is more important for me. Thanks for your help!

Checkout devilspie in the repos or devilspie2 in the AUR (Arch User Repository).

The Auto Move Windows extension might be useful, as well. It’s already installed by default with the gnome-shell-extensions package.

Thanks for help, I have already seen devilspie but I think that I’m to noobish for scripting. I’ve also seen Auto Move Windows and tried to use but it only moves windows to different workspaces, not monitors

Well, you could always try out automatic tiling with the Pop Shell or Material Shell extensions. They’re both installed by default as well.

Thanks, I’ll try that, although I would consider it a workaround, not a fix. I sometimes use gnomesome extension for my automatic tilling needs but maybe I should try Pop Shell, because gnomesome is quite buggy. I tried to use Material Shell but it changes too many things for my taste. Still, it just weird that every app opens on my primary display normally but extensions don’t.

Hmm… maybe it’s because it’s a GTK4 application? See if you can reproduce the issue with GNOME Chess, it’s also a GTK4 application.

I tried it with chess and yes! It behaves the same so it seems like it’s because of GTK4