Ext4 or Btrfs filesystem on SSD and eMMC?

Hello everybody,

I saw that Fedora is now using Btrfs filesystem by default. Does it means that Btrfs is better than Ext4 now ?

Is Btrfs suitable for SSD and eMMC storages ? What about the Trim, noatime, zram with Btrfs ?

Have you got advices to install Manjaro on an eMMC storage ?


btrfs has already long been an excellent and stable filesystem. The only issue with it is that its built-in RAID 5/6 functionality is still not usable and can lead to data loss. But for just about every other usage, it works very well. I myself am using it here on my system.

Yes, it is. It even has performance optimizations for SSDs.

zram doesn’t have anything to do with btrfs. As for TRIM, you use that as with any other filesystem. Simply enable the fstrim.timer supplied with systemd, and it will trim your mounted filesystems once a week. :wink:


i found btrfs to be slower most of the time for my use, given a choice i always select ext4.

I’m using Ext4 as filesystem for my computers but it is a pain to transfer Big files (several gigabytes).

that’s common with every file system.
i also find if the device heats up it slows down, which happens with large files.

Sure, btrfs is never meant for speed. Keeping data integrity is what it’s best at, other than its built-in features like subvolume and snapshots.

I personally stay on ext4 because it’s more straightforward. But btrfs does have appealing features.
Read what each does and pick yours.