EXT4 filesystem error

Installing Manjaro using EXT4, I get the following error:

$ sudo e2fsck /dev/nvme0n1p5
e2fsck 1.46.5 (30-Dec-2021)
/dev/nvme0n1p5 has unsupported feature(s): FEATURE_C12
e2fsck: Get a newer version of e2fsck!

Its the latest version. Problem is any Manjaro version install EXT4.

Using ‘farchiver’, it report similar error:

$ sudo ./fsarchiver -j6 -o savefs kmanjaro.fsa /dev/nvme0n1p5
[sudo] password for vmc: 
fs_ext2.c#525,extfs_getinfo(): this filesystem has ext{2,3,4} features which are not supported by this fsarchiver version.
oper_save.c#1099,filesystem_mount_partition(): cannot save filesystem attributes for partition /dev/nvme0n1p5

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Update your system! The current version of e2fsck is 1.47.0 (5-Feb-2023) .

If you use a live image, download a current one.

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just to be perfectly clear e2fsck is installed with e2fsprogs

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Yes it is.

Formatted partition to EXT4 using another distro, then installed manjaro to “/” without formatting. No issue.

Problem with manjaro, is any other distro, including grub and several other backup programs fails disk check. Grub doesn’t recognize filesystem.

Did this.States e2fsck is current. I have three separate distros, and they all say the same thing.

I should have tested the installed manjaro with manjaro live system, since it has latest e2fsck.
Found out Ubuntu Lunar is now using the latest e2fsck, odd that the current Fedora does not. Fedora is thought of as leading edge. At least now I know what the issue is, and how to work with it.

Strange that no one else reported this. My guess is, if someone has multiple distros, there using VM’s. Either that or they just don’t check filesystem.

I need to report this to ‘fsarchiver’. Acronis fails also. Maricum images manjaro just fine. Maybe just backing up used data only, and not checking FS like Acronis does.

Installed ubuntu lunar, which has the latest e2fsck 1.47.0. manjaro partition now passes disk check.

The problem is ubuntu grub itself. ubuntu which I’m booting off of, is gnu grub version 2.06.
dropping to grub prompt:

grub> ls (hd2,5)/ [manjaro partition]
error: unknown filesystem

manjaro has gnu grub version 2.06.r256. I need to find a way to upgrade ubuntu gnu grub.
I’ll ask at ubuntu forums.

BTW the latest Clonezilla has the newest e2fsck along with the latest fsarchiver which now can image manjaro!

The Ubuntu Grub has always problems booting Manjaro or any other Arch based Distribution. You should switch to the Manjaro Grub to boot your Ubuntu. Another possibility is to use the Ubuntu Grub to load the Manjaro Grub.

Other OS’ GRUB can not boot Manjaro from what I know, you need to use Manjaro’s grub. Manjaro works differently than other OS regarding GRUB and the boot process.

Thanks for the link, very enlightening.

I’m guessing your referring to ‘chainloading’, such as this link

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