EXT4 Fileerrors after fresh install with different SSDs

General description

I installed a fresh Manjaro install (encrypted system with swap, everything else is left on default).

After some (~4) reboots this happened:

$ journalctl | grep error
Okt 19 08:07:46 firefly kernel: EXT4-fs error (device dm-0) in ext4_free_inode:360: Corrupt filesystem
Okt 19 08:07:54 firefly kernel: EXT4-fs (dm-0): Delayed block allocation failed for inode 21532154 at logical offset 0 with max blocks 3 with error 117
Okt 19 08:07:55 firefly NetworkManager[630]: <warn>  [1634623675.2781] dhcp4 (wlp1s0): error saving lease to /var/lib/NetworkManager/internal-bfccb1eb-5b95-46ab-ad25-75fff87881f4-wlp1s0.lease: Failed to write file “/var/lib/NetworkManager/internal-bfccb1eb-5b95-46ab-ad25-75fff87881f4-wlp1s0.lease.Y4ACB1”: fsync() failed: Structure needs cleaning

Generally the system is unusable, e.g. vim fails to save a file with fsync failed, I have to reconfigure the KDE wallet on startup, or Firefox settings are partially reset.

System information

It is a Acer swift notebook, the specs are in my profile.

I can add my current installed packages if wanted (dont’t want this to become to long)

Disk layout

[moanos@firefly ~]$ lsblk
NAME                                          MAJ:MIN RM   SIZE RO TYPE  MOUNTPOINTS
nvme0n1                                       259:0    0 953,9G  0 disk  
├─nvme0n1p1                                   259:1    0   300M  0 part  /boot/efi
├─nvme0n1p2                                   259:2    0   937G  0 part  
│ └─luks-6870dd62-ec17-4dcd-be06-836f830c9597 254:0    0   937G  0 crypt /run/timeshift/backup
│                                                                        /
└─nvme0n1p3                                   259:3    0  16,6G  0 part  
  └─luks-e0e79f4f-8569-4c2b-9b6a-d1fe941c31d9 254:1    0  16,6G  0 crypt [SWAP]
[moanos@firefly ~]$ df -h
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
dev             7,5G     0  7,5G   0% /dev
run             7,6G  1,6M  7,6G   1% /run
/dev/dm-0       922G  520G  355G  60% /
tmpfs           7,6G   92M  7,5G   2% /dev/shm
/dev/nvme0n1p1  300M  448K  299M   1% /boot/efi
tmpfs           7,6G   53M  7,5G   1% /tmp
tmpfs           1,6G   88K  1,6G   1% /run/user/1000


I had the same problem with this computer before. That is why I let the SSD change, it is currently brand new.

Debugging attempts

(will try to update this if you have suggestions on what to try)


Smart values are fine


Inodes get repaired on startup, problem stays

Searching for similar problems

I read an old forum post here and deinstalled spotify. (Can’t link, sorry)

What does /etc/fstab look like ?

[moanos@firefly ~]$ cat /etc/fstab 
# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# Use 'blkid' to print the universally unique identifier for a device; this may
# be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name devices that works even if
# disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).
# <file system>             <mount point>  <type>  <options>  <dump>  <pass>
UUID=833A-4B89                            /boot/efi      vfat    umask=0077 0 2
/dev/mapper/luks-6870dd62-ec17-4dcd-be06-836f830c9597 /              ext4    defaults,noatime 0 1
/dev/mapper/luks-e0e79f4f-8569-4c2b-9b6a-d1fe941c31d9 swap           swap    defaults,noatime 0 0

For whatever its worth SWAP is not being checked …
Maybe we can enable a forced check with boot option


Then reboot, double check the logs for more info ( journalctl | grep EXT4 ?)

Currently there are no more errors. Will check back if there are.
Maybe it was spotify, maybe it was your solution. Thank you very much!

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