ExpressVPN - Cannot connect to ExpressVPN daemon

Hi there.

I have installed ExpressVPN but have been unsuccessful at getting started, despite trying various things suggested on the net. I receive the following:

“Cannot connect to ExpressVPN daemon”

I am seeking to set it up so that the VPN starts on boot-up & locks all connections.

Thanks in advance.

Ruziel :slight_smile:

Hi @ruziel :slight_smile:

Look at this: expressvpn.install - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

post_install() {
  /usr/bin/printf "----------------------------------------------\n"
  /usr/bin/printf " Start the expressvpn daemon with\n"
  /usr/bin/printf "     # systemctl start expressvpn.service\n"
  /usr/bin/printf " Then activate your expressVPN account with\n"
  /usr/bin/printf "     $ expressvpn activate [activation code]\n"
  /usr/bin/printf " (Your activation code can be found at\n"
  /usr/bin/printf "\n"
  /usr/bin/printf "\n"
  /usr/bin/printf " Once activated, Use 'expressvpn list' to\n"
  /usr/bin/printf " list servers and 'expressvpn connect [id]' \n"
  /usr/bin/printf " to connect to your preferred server.\n"
  /usr/bin/printf " See 'expressvpn help' for more information.\n"
  /usr/bin/printf "\n"
  /usr/bin/printf " Please note that ExpressVPN now offer a\n"
  /usr/bin/printf " native Arch Linux package on their website.\n"
  /usr/bin/printf "----------------------------------------------\n"

When installing it, there must be displayed just this message. You have to run the service:

 sudo systemctl start expressvpn.service
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Thanks a lot for this suggestion - I will check the machine later. Much appreciated.

More power to Manjaro team & community!

Ruziel :slight_smile:

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Thanks jrichard326 - I will give this a go on the machine as well…