Exposé functionality for MATÉ?

Hi all, I’m trying out MATE, as it’s one of the few relatively-modern DEs that has a traditional UI, and I really can’t stand the half-baked hamburger-menu hell of most DEs (sorry for ranting).

I’m coming from using i3wm for a few months, so overlapping feels a bit weird to me. I’m not looking to replace tiling functionality, but rather, I’m looking for a way to reproduce the classic Mac OS X “Exposé” feature, where all windows are shown. I’m familiar with Skippy-XD, and I can try that out again, but that always seemed a bit hacky to me. I wouldn’t mind running Compiz again, if it has a feature like that, and if it’s well supported in MATE.

What do you guys use?

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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Found it, it’s the “Scale” option in the Compiz Settings Manager.

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Using Marco you can cycle between windows using alt+tab and also select one window by clicking on it.

Probably you’ve already known this but maybe not :smiley:

Yeah, that wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Thanks though!

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