Export clipboard entries of linux and brave history

Hey there.
My graphical interference is broken. I have already tried to fix it but later saw that i have to know manually see all the log files…now changing a distro isnt a big deal for me…thus i want export my manjaro’s files to my ssd…

I have used a live os and already put all my necessary files in my ssd…all thats left is exporting my clipboards entries (the entires we get in kde after using Ctrl+C) to my ssd and my brave browser history ( i tried sync but saw that sync couldnt export previous history).

I am a newbie so plz kindly guide me according to it…

I just want to export my clipboard entries and brave browser history…getting their locatoon would be helpful or is there any other way

Note:- Since there is no graphical interface…I can use tty (ctrl+alt+3/4/5) if thats helpful)

Took me 5 seconds to find this:

qdbus org.kde.klipper /klipper org.kde.klipper.klipper.getClipboardHistoryMenu

Try using a search engine and you shall find.

What about the images…how can i get those…

Also need help.for exporting brave browser


Save them somewhere.

What? No idea where Brave settings are. Probably in ~/.config as everything else. And as I said:

Indeed as @zbe said for Brave Browser:
Everything is in ~/.config/BraveSoftware
(I installed this browser a few weeks ago just out of curiosity - deinstalled it right after
but, of course, the config in $HOME was left behind)

So i tried the code you have given …
This is the message that came:

Service org.kde.klipper does not exist