Experiences with Huion Kamvas 13

I am planning on getting a Huion Kamwas 13 for school. How have your experiences with compatibility been?
There is a huiontablet package on the AUR, but will it work well? Will I be able to use my tablet on Manjaro (I have a GNOME as my DE) and will I be able to remap the buttons, calibrate the pen etc? Is there a GUI available?
Thanks in advance!


No direct experience with that model, just that i did read a few things about tablets … i think there might be some fiddling to be done. The drivers from 2021 got some people into trouble, but they never came back to report if they sorted it out or not.

On the other hand, most tablets this days kind of work like this, but maybe with better suport

with a bit of manual intervention

or probably the developers still need some information, so you don’t go trough a lot of hassle

I moved to Manjaro a while ago and I was having some hard time setting it up. It works for the Huion Kamvas 13. But I can’t use the hotkeys.
I’ve recommended huion (pctechtest .com/best-huion-drawing-tablets) to friends several times for cheap tablets, and I’m always really happy to see a development marrying two things I enjoy.