Executed pacman -Qq | pacman -Qkk

and now I have a log with some information,
some files differ.


glibc: 1601 Dateien gesamt, 1 veränderte Datei
glibc-locales: 4406 Dateien gesamt, 0 veränderte Dateien

I translated the messages, “glibc: 1601 files total, 1 changed file”. I think if you look at the output just belore these messages, the specific file will be shown.

First, pacman -Qkk >/dev/null is all that is needed. No need for the pipe. I usually redirect stdout to /dev/null so I only see stderr. I only see “warning”, no “errors”.

Second, , if you are not having problems, I’m not sure of the value of -Qkk other than confirming changes have occurred. I have found -Qkk to be wayyyyy toooo verbose, without actually providing actionable output.

Most of the messages I have seen on my system could be explained by post update configuration, either by pacman hooks or my own configuration changes. This is an old archlinux forum discussion on --check that sort of confirms the above, and then a more current one.

paccheck has options to fine-tune the output (i.e, paccheck --quiet --file-properties).