Evolution won't sync iCloud calendar

Hi there,

I’ve searched the web for a fix, but didn’t get any proper idea, why Evolution won’t sync with my iCloud calendar. According to several instructions out there I’ve set it up properly, however I only see the circle running, saying, that it’s syncing, however it never ends and finally fails with an error message.

Strange is that the configuration seems to be fine, I can even choose which calendar I’d like to add. I also tried Betterbird/Thunderbird with its calendar extensions and Tbsync, which works great and does what it’s supposed to do. Only the calendar does not work in Evolution.

Any ideas or experiences out there? Many thanks in advance, regards, Thomas

Knowing the actual error message will help us help you.

Well, sorry, I did not saved it. However, I tried again to configure a new calendar, it takes a lot of time to sync (circle is rotating), finally it draws an error 403, but shows the entries. The error now is definitely different to the first (not saved) one.

That’s really, really strange. Leave this case for the moment, I’ll watch that thing for a while.

Regards, Thomas

How are you syncing the calendar? I personally have just added the gmail calendar to evolution, an it works quite well, as long as remember not to schedule stuff in the personal calendar.

I use my iCloud calendar using CALDAV via HTTPS. The configuration usually is straight forward, however, it seems that syncing is ashouldn issue, but I don’t know the reason. I only see that the circle is spinning (which is a visible sign to me that something is going on) and it might fail after a while with different error messages (i.e. error 403).

Regards, Thomas

I’ve never run into this problem because I don’t use calculators in the app. I have a small car repair service, and I often have to use the calendar. But since I’m not the only one who uses this calendar, the calendar app is unsuitable